Campaign Progress


Our Progress

Through God’s gracious blessing and the generous gifts of faithful partners, we are making progress toward our goal.
Will you join us in this bold vision?


Currently Committed:




Campaign Opportunities

We embark upon a bold campaign to:

Expand Our Capacity

We must improve and add to our infrastructure in order to welcome, house, and educate the growing number of students who desire a university that is faithful to Scripture and marked by academic excellence.

Minimize Student Debt & Maximize Affordability

We can help make Cedarville more affordable and accessible to the next generation of students, ensuring they are equipped to serve and lead for the Word of God and the Testimony of Jesus Christ.

transform lives in and out of the classroom

Our excellent academic programs and intentional approach to discipleship combine to provide a transformational experience for every student.

provide for the future

Cedarville is committed to standing firm against cultural headwinds, and planned gifts provide assurance that financial giving will continue well into the future. It is a chance to leave a legacy for years to come.