students walking

Minimize Student Debt & Maximize Affordability

Goal: $22 million

Cedarville’s education model combines academic excellence with intentional discipleship to produce graduates with integrity, a strong work ethic, and in-demand professional skills. Our challenge is making sure every student who desires a Cedarville education can afford to enroll and will graduate unencumbered by excessive debt. Through your support for scholarships, this goal can be achieved!

We can help make Cedarville more accessible to the next generation of students, ensuring they are equipped to serve and lead for the Word of God and the Testimony of Jesus Christ.

Student Scholarships and Affordability

In this campaign, we are focusing on three ways to accomplish this goal:

The Cedarville Fund

The annual fund allows us to keep tuition low and budget scholarships through annual gifts.

Goal: $5 MILLION

Annually Funded Scholarships

Donor-funded annual scholarships provide immediate funding for pressing needs.

Goal: $5 MILLION

Endowed Scholarships

Endowed funds provide consistent, reliable funding for students with financial need or who demonstrate academic excellence.

Goal: $12 MILLION